Hi everyone,

welcome here. The original purpose of this blog was humbly to give some basic news to my friends and my family: where am I? who gave me the last lift? am I hiking on the shore or milking in town? and so on.

This is not an overrated blog so I guess you arrived on this page cause I gave you its link, but if ever: I’m a 24yrs old French monkey who quited his job (I was working in a bookstore, which is actually a very exciting job) in July 2014 to backpack around. I’m traveling on a budget, mostly by hitch-hiking and volunteering. I bummed around (Slovenia, Portugal, France, Morocco) and the wind eventually blew harder… Egypt, Sudan and the Horn! After a Parisian Christmas I’m heading East, towards Turkey and Asia.
So basically I’m just giving news, trying to make readers laugh from time to time, looking for a sincere way of expressing how roads and cities treat me.

A bunch of Slovenian guys have offered me once a can of inner peace that never gets empty and I try to let it taste to the people I meet. Also in Sinai I met someone whose words are spontaneously flowing like a neverfading poetry. And another one, also around Sinai, who’s carrying the Sufi suns of love. And I know the meetings are not over but I also need to let these past ones bloom in and out.

So now the blog is also a way of drawing these new and unexpected flowers. And keep in mind that I’ld be more than happy to share a part of my journey with any of you!

And if you want to have a chat, please leave a comment on a post or send me an email at oligmarcheur[at]gmail.com.



fresh spring in the Southern Alps (France)