Hi everyone,

welcome here. The original purpose of this blog was humbly to give some basic news to my friends and my family: where am I? who gave me the last lift? am I hiking on the shore or milking in town? and so on…

This is not an overrated blog so I guess you arrived on this page because I sent you its link, but if ever: I’m a 26yrs old French monkey who started hitting the road by traveling on a budget, mostly by hitch-hiking and volunteering… around Slovenia, Portugal, France, Morocco… and the wind eventually blew harder… Egypt, Sudan and the Horn of Africa, then towards Asia: Turkey, Iran, Central Asian countries… India and more… and the more I traveled, the more I felt the need to embrace a simple life, using less and less money, walking more than hitching, sleeping in the streets more than camping…
So basically I’m just giving news here, trying to make readers laugh from time to time, looking for a sincere way of expressing how roads and cities treat me.

A bunch of Slovenian guys have offered me once a can of inner peace that never gets empty and I try to let it taste to the people I meet. Also in Sinai I met someone whose words are spontaneously flowing like a neverfading poetry. Other people around the world carrying the Sufi suns of love and other places and other people and so many experiences in our tiny absurd yet beautiful life… Bloom in, bloom out

So now the blog is also a way of drawing these new and unexpected flowers. And keep in mind that I’ld be more than happy to share a part of my journey (or temporary-sedentary life at the moment) with any of you!

And if you want to have a chat, please leave a comment on a post or send me an email at oligmarcheur[at]gmail.com.



fresh spring in the Southern Alps (France)

edit Dec. 2017: I made the following short video to give some news to all of you I met on the road, this year or before. There’s also a tiny second part that I added for some people I met in Gokarna; the link is here under the main video. Sorry for my (s)low voice… with earphones maybe? If it’s absolutely unhearable just let me know and I would make another video… A hug!